Best 2016 Ionic Hair Dryers

An ionic hair dryer is very different from a conventional hair dryer.Apart from heat, an ionic hairdryer will also use the power of ions to both dry and nurture your hair, during a blow dryer session.This is how they generally work.

When you use an ionic hairdryer, the dryer will emit negative ions onto positive ions that reside on your wet hair.The resulting impact, proven by research, is more time efficient in drying up your hair.

Below, we will quickly review three of the best ionic hair dryers that your money can buy today.

T3 Tourmaline 83808 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer (Lightweight)

T3 Tourmaline 83808 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer (Lightweight)Despite costing more than $140, this is one of the most popular ionic hair dryers in the market today.

It is powered by a very powerful 1,800 watt motor that will have your hair dry in just a matter of seconds. The ionic particles are generated by crushed tiny tourmaline jewels that are integrated into the blower.

Weighing just 13 ounces, many women love it for the ease of use that it offers.

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Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Hair DryerCosting under $20, this is the best budget ionic hair dryer that you can buy in the market today. Apart from a great product, you also get the assurance and service support that a large company like Revlon has to offer.

This affordably priced ionic blow dryer uses an 1875 watt motor that comes in two speed settings.

You also get a diffuser attachment in the kit. A light will indicate if the ions are ready to be used. Many users have commended it for its super silent function.

This is also an extremely light blow dryer that will not wear down your arms, even during a long blow drying session. Just like the T3 blow dryer, this dyer also uses tourmaline technology to produce the negative ions that will both dry your hair and also protect and nurture your cuticle layer as you dry.

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Andis RC-2 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer

Andis RC-2 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair DryerThis is another brilliant product when you consider the price it is retailing at, at less than $20.

It comes with three different speed settings and also comes with a retractable cord that will make storage a breeze, allowing you to reduce clutter at your dressing table.

This is a particularly good product if you are looking for a budget blow dryer that will reduce frizz when you dry your hair. This model uses a 1,875 watt motor that will allow for quick blow drying sessions.

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