Best 2016 Makeup Brushes

What good is it if you use expensive make up powders and then use a cheap, low quality makeup brush to apply that makeup. Just like how an artist uses unique brush strokes to beautify his painting, it is very important that you only choose the best make up brushes for applying your makeup.

We have taken the guesswork out of choosing the best makeup brushes and have briefly reviewed three of the best brush sets, in the sections below.

Shany professional 13 Piece Cosmetic Brush set with pouch

Shany professional 13 Piece Cosmetic Brush set with pouchAt just about $13, this is an incredible deal. You get 13 brushes which means that each brush costs you just a dollar. It is one of the most popular makeup brush sets in the online marketplace.

All the brushes use a combination of both animal and synthetic hair. The bristles are designed in such a way that they are soft at the tips and firm at the roots. They can be used with multiple colors without cleaning as the colors don’t cling on to the brush.

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Shany Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set with Pink Clutch

Shany Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set with Pink ClutchThis is a brush set that is intended for those who need professional makeup. Only synthetic hair is used to make the brush bristles and Shany have used a patented laser cutting technology to give you bristles that are capable of extreme precision when it comes to application of makeup.

You get 12 different brushes in this kit that does not use any animal products. The brushes also have a very attractive pink color to them and are all 100% handmade.They are great for powder and mineral based makeup products.

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Bundle Monster 15 piece Studio Pro Makeup Kit

Bundle Monster 15 piece Studio Pro Makeup KitThis item is shipped to you in a very fashionable case that resembles crocodile skin. However, it is a synthetic material that is used to make the case.

No animals were hurt to make this product. In fact, even the brushes do not use any animal hair as the bristles are completely made out of synthetic materials.

All the brushes have an individual sheath in the carrying case, allowing you to store them away in a very clean and hygienic manner.

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With all the three brush sets mentioned above, it is recommended that you wash the brushes as soon as you get them from the store. Then, let them air dry before you use it for your first makeup. You will be thrilled with the results they can provide, especially if you were using no-name makeup brushes before.

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