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best bronzers

Best Bronzers To Buy On A Budget

A great bronzer can give you a healthy glow without going in the sun, but it can also make you… Continue reading »

Face Primer With SPF Protection

Best Face Primer With SPF Protection 2016

As the name suggests, a face primer is usually a cream that is used like a prime coating on the… Continue reading »

Mineral Powder Foundation

Best 2016 Mineral Powder Foundation

If you are a traditionalist who prefers mineral powder foundation to liquid based foundation products, you will find this article… Continue reading »

Hot Rollers

Best 2016 Hot Rollers

If you want curly hair, you know you are going to need hot rollers. The quality of the hot rollers… Continue reading »

Liquid Blush

Best 2016 Liquid Blush

A little blush on your cheeks can give you a healthy, non-makeup look that will look very natural, even if… Continue reading »

Nude Lipstick

Best 2016 Nude Lipstick

Nude lipstick, as the name suggests, is lipstick that has a shade that closely resembles the color of the skin…. Continue reading »

Organic Shampoo

Best 2016 Organic Shampoo

You will be amazed at the number of chemicals that goes into the production of an average shampoo that is… Continue reading »

Sheer Nail Polish

Best 2016 Sheer Nail Polish

Sheer nail polish is a very unique type of nail polish that can give your nails a manicured, neat look…. Continue reading »

How to Apply Blush on Oval Faces

How to Apply Blush on Oval Faces

Applying blush isn’t as simple as it may seem, which is why many women end up not applying it correctly…. Continue reading »

Wearing Neon Eyeshadow

How to Pull Off Wearing Neon Eyeshadow

Do you ever see celebrities or makeup artists wearing bold makeup looks, like neon eyeshadow, and you wish that you… Continue reading »