5 Makeup Tips for a Brunette

5 Makeup Tips for a BrunetteBrunettes have dark hair that is very attractive, especially when a brunette girl has fair skin that contrasts the color of the hair.

However, the contrasting color of the hair means that brunettes need special makeup tips to wear their beautiful dark hair in such a way that it blends in easily, with equal attention given to the face, while also making the hair stand out as well.

Below, you will find 5 makeup tips for a brunette that will talk about what a brunette should or shouldn’t do.

1. Say no to pink lipstick

Let the blondes have the pink lipstick. Pink lipstick just doesn’t go with dark, brunette hair. If you want to make your lips look gorgeous, with a head of thick black or dark hair, go with bold lipstick colors like cinnamon, red or even experimental colors like terracotta or brown shades that will blend well. If you have to have a little bit of pink lipstick, skip on the really bright pinks and go with a pink that is darker in shade, as there is chance that you can pull it off. A vivid red is a much better choice though.

2. Bronze your cheeks

Sometimes, a brunette can have such stunning hair that the hair might take away all the attention from the face. To draw back some of the attention to the face, you can use a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks, to highlight your face. When worn very lightly, it can lend a perfect balance to the hair and to the face. Just like how you must avoid pink lipstick, it is very important that you also avoid pink blushes as it won’t look flattering with dark hair.

3. Beauty in the eyes

One of the biggest perks of being a brunette is that you can make your face look like a million bucks by just doing your eyes, without worrying about makeup on the rest of your face. Apply mascara or eye shadow to complement the color of your eyes, to give your face a great look. When people look at your face, they will love the way your strongly beautified eyes seem to softly blend in with your beautiful hair.

4. Check your foundation

Even if you are not a big fan of makeup, you probably wear foundation. When you are a brunette, you must make sure that you pick the right foundation. It is an absolute must that you pick one that is closest to your natural skin tone. If you can’t find one that is closest to your natural skin tone, go with a slightly darker shade. Light foundations can make your skin look pale and even unhealthy, when it is set against the backdrop of your dark hair.

5. Experiment

Depending on what type of brunette you are, some of the above rules may or may not apply. Brunettes have the luxury to experiment with different types of makeup, as a lot of styles will suit them. Get your best friend to give you feedback on various types of makeup that you can wear. You will find that more than just one look works well for you.

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