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There are a huge array of advice to make you achieve your physique results as fast as possible. Some people like to read studies, books, articles etc. I personally learn first hand from the best in the industry so have spent thousands of pounds on courses to learn even quicker.

On the other hand some people just like to get by and only change their routine when they know they are doing something wrong rather than searching for the best way of doing it right. Here are 5 BIG training mistakes which hinder your progress massively.

1) Not having a training goal. I dont like training with clients who dont have one, that is how important it is. If you dont know where you need to be and by when you have no idea when you are progressing at the right pace.
2) You dont have a routine. This one absolutely kills me! I ask people what they are training today and they say erm, a bit of legs and shoulders maybe?. This makes any success in your routine purely coincidental.
3) Not keeping a workout log. You need this to assess your progress and to ensure you are actually moving forward. Upping the weight and lowering the reps doesnt not necessarily do this on its own.
4) You use someone elses routine. A huge amount of people get their routines from magazines. A lot of the time the routine is for a world class bodybuilder who is taking more than the cutting edge protein powder they endorse. If you have very different circumstances using their routine a very bad idea.
5) Guesswork cardio. How common is it on a night in the gym to see dozens of people slaving away on whichever piece of CV equipment is free at the time. This falls in with number 2, you dont have a routine and therefore cannot assess your progress properly. If you do any form of CV work it should involve timings and speeds at the very least.

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