About us

Makeup.me.uk is a website where we talk about the latest trends in fashion and makeup, How to articles, tutorials and product reviews. We will gladly receive any feedback from you so be sure to get social with us!


About the owners

The owners own several more websites in the cosmetics/ beauty vertical, which will not be disclosed here. They work with multiple contributors and one main editor which gives the final touch to all the content.

They work with an Australia-based firm to create design, L&F, and to create a proper CMS for the content. In this particular case the site is using wordpress platform.


More work from the owners

One of the owners’ area of expertise, considering the vast amount of websites he owns, designs and builds, is website building. If any of the readers wants to know what it takes to have your own website, he or she are invited to visit wbtutorial.com, and get ideas how to build a website without programming knowledge. WBTutorial.com (website building tutorial) cover newbie aspects of website building.

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