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A/W 2017 One To Watch: Hemyca

Becky Harris
Fashion Writer

The past couple of months have had a huge focus on all things colourful, decorative and slightly OTT. Of course, bright colours, fringing, embellishment, feathers, quirky prints and lace are all expected in the season of Summer and rightfully so; it shouldn’t be taken as seriously in my opinion, Summer is meant to be fun. However, after swamping through masses of excessiveness, it’s somewhat refreshing to stumble across what is simply a high quality, wearable label.

May I introduce one to watch for A/W 2017, ‘Hemyca’. The label recently exhibited their A/W 2017 collection at May’s Fashion Press Week, and through their pure brilliance managed to win a major prize and a year of free mentoring in PR and finance. Not only that, but the designers are currently in talks with big London department stores.

Upon one glance over the pieces, you can understand why they were chosen. The range consists of beautifully structured trenches, jackets, dresses and some key blouses and skirts, all of which can be pieced together, mixed and matched. What is so wonderful and definitely a quality which currently stands out in the designer market is that the label is not trying too hard to be noticed. You are drawn in by the noticeably luxurious quality, and the rest- leather panels, tailoring, thick cashmere and quirky details, just speak for themselves.

I’m a sucker for the little details that create a lot of impact. The pieces are all subtle and wearable, but extras such as the oversized Peter Pan style leather collars, detachable fur capes, buckles, a ribbed cotton material for a blouse and leather panels inserted on hips and sleeves; all create unique textures and twists. Mix these textures with the impeccable tailoring and manipulation of the fabrics, and you have the visually stunning aesthetic that is projected when worn.

The designers, Myra Nigris and Helen Clinch, are experts in tailoring, so they cater to every single shape under the sun- they will personally alter and fit pieces for clients in their London studio on Elizabeth Street. The materials are all sourced in Italy and are the thickest cashmere and finest leather; a real investment in luxury. Designer, Myra said, “We wanted to create something wearable but with a distinctive edge. For example, we have a lawyer client, who can’t be seen wearing the same thing as her assistant. But she doesn’t want anything too over the top.”

That is what makes this collection: it is for the power woman who stands out, but doesn’t scream to be noticed. The colour palette is simply neutral; dark greys, black and white, and it honestly doesn’t need to range any further. My favourite piece is the Cecilla dress which has a touch of gothic, with black cashmere and a large leather collar. Think Wednesday from the Addams family, yet elegant, with a hint of Parisian chic.

Hemyca is currently stocked in ‘Corniche’ in Edinburgh, ‘Darcy B’ in Suffolk and ‘Renegade Marmalade’ in Manchester. The website (www.hemyca.com) will be fully renovated by next month however this will at present direct to their Facebook.

Prices range from around £300 for a blouse, to £1,000+ for a trench coat. I will be dreaming…

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