Benefits of a Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Benefits of a Hot Oil Hair TreatmentA hot oil hair treatment is not very popular in the west although it has every reason to be.

People in Asia have used hot oil hair treatment for centuries now, using it has a nourishing and rejuvenating technique that can do nothing but good for the hair.

Below, we have discussed the benefits of a hot oil hair treatment.

Repairs dry and damaged hair – One of the main reasons why a hot oil hair treatment is very popular is because it can repair damaged hair. If your hair is damaged by heating, curling, the use of chemical products like hair sprays or colors, there is a good chance that is dry and brittle. A single session with a hot oil treatment can reverse weeks of damage.

Many women use a hot oil treatment almost every week, in between the use of hot rollers, hot curlers, colors and other hair styling techniques.

Prevents frizz – Women or men who have frizzy hair will greatly benefit from a hot oil massage for their hair. Oils can soothe out frayed ends and also moisturize the roots as well. After all, most frizz problems begin from the root of the hair, the root that is not nourished well.

Eliminate scalp itchiness and dryness – Though we take care of our hair, we rarely do anything for the scalp. When a person gently massages hot oil onto their hair, their fingers will work on the scalp as well. This gentle, nourishing massage can stop dryness, itchiness and even dandruff problems that are affecting the scalp.

Hair becomes easier to style – Once a person completes a hot oil treatment and then showers to get rid of the oil, they will notice that their hair becomes very flexible for styling. Usually, only expensive conditioners can provide such short terms results.

Prevents hair fall – When a hot oil massage is done for the hair, the scalp is slowly massaged. This ensures that blood circulation is revived. Increased or improved blood circulation will mean that the entire scalp is well nourished, leading to lesser chances of hair fall or other problems like hair breakage, in isolated parts of the head.

Relief from damage caused by colorings and chemical treatments – Even if a woman or man uses dyes or colors that are ammonia free, they must know that even the safest hair color products in the market today have chemicals, chemicals that can cause a lot of damage, especially if one dyes or colors their hair often.

As mentioned earlier, just one hot oil treatment can reverse the damage caused by several dyeing or coloring sessions. Women and men alike should make it a practice to include hot oil hair treatments in between coloring and dyeing sessions, for as long as they continue to color or dye their hair.

The market usually has two types of hot oil treatments that are available for purchase. One is the kind that you directly place in the microwave while the other is the kind that you can dip in hot water. Both are effective and it is just the heating technique that varies. Tea tree oil, castor oil, rosemary oil and even coconut oil are all great for hot oil hair treatments

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