Best Bronzers

best bronzersA great bronzer can give you a healthy glow without going in the sun, but it can also make you look thinner. If you’re looking to add this to your cosmetics collection, then you will soon find that there are tons of options out there.

A lot of different brands make bronzer and not all of them are the same. Keep reading to find out which products are the top three and are worth trying out first because of the popularity they have gained!

1. TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

TheBalm Bahama Mama BronzerThis is a matte bronzer that won’t put any shine on your skin. It has a medium dark finish that will illuminate your skin in a way that looks completely natural. It’s not heavy and goes on perfectly with a simple contouring or blush brush.

It can be used on bare skin, over a tan or as a contouring tool, depending on your needs. The powder comes with a mirror attached, which makes this easy to apply when on the go!

This is one of the few bronzers that won’t leave you looking orange because it’s a true brown color. It’s also one of the few bronzers that has absolutely no shimmer in it, so you get a pure matte color without any of the sparkle. You can also build the color from light to dark, which comes in handy during the summer when you might be darker.

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2. NARS Bronzing Powder

NARS Bronzing PowderNARS does cost more money than other brands, but the price is definitely worth it for the quality product that you get. This bronzing powder comes in a few different colors, so you can choose based on your skin tone and how dark you want to look. It is matte, but it has a slight golden shimmer in it to help illuminate your skin. The powder is also fine, so it goes into the pores and covers up fine lines.

The compact comes with a mirror attached and it’s small enough to carry around with you anywhere you go. If you want a natural looking glow or tan, then this is a bronzing powder that is worth looking into. It’s easy to find and can last you for quite some time!

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3. Stila Sun Bronzing Powder

Stila Sun Bronzing PowderThis powder comes in two different shades that can be used for a variety of different skin tones. This gives your skin a light glow, as it has a little bit of shimmer inside of the powder.

It can be used all over your face, but also to simply contour it. This is a lightweight powder that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and that easily adheres to makeup brushes so you don’t waste it.

This is the best bronzing powder to choose if you want to have some shimmer, but you don’t want to look like you poured glitter all over your face. It will give you the look of a tan without actually having to go out in the sun, and nobody will know the different because it looks so natural!

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