Best Budget Beauty Tips

Best Budget Beauty TipsIf you took a quick look at some of the best beauty tips on the internet, you will often see that they will involve the purchase of expensive products or services.

We thought we will change that trend by giving you some of the best budget beauty tips that will allow you to transform your looks on a shoestring budget.

Top budget beauty tips

1. Use that baking soda! – Baking soda, which you can often get for just a couple of bucks, is a fantastic ingredient for your beauty makeover. You can use 2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed in with a cup of water to make a great clarifying shampoo or you can just sprinkle some on a toothbrush to instantly give your teeth a great whiter shade

2. Take advantage of your showers! – When you shower, switch between hot and cold showers for about 15 seconds each, as you are just about to finish up. Switching between hot and cold shower sprays for a couple of minutes will dramatically boost your skin’s blood circulation, giving you a great glow

3. Use the honey, honey! – Honey is relatively cheap and is a godsend as a homemade beauty product. It can be used as a facial mask, as a nourishing shampoo and can even be used to prepare baths that will nourish your skin

4. Potatoes for your eyes! – Is stress making the skin under your eyes look aged, dull and dark? Not to worry. Take a potato and slice it up and simply apply the slices on your eyelids for about 15 minutes. 15 minutes can reduce the darkness in your under eye skin and also remove any puffiness that you might have

5. Fight dry skin with fruit! – Dry skin is a depressing problem as it can make you look aged, dull and lifeless. With the use of simple fruits like avocados and bananas, you can prepare a mash that will bring back life into your dried out skin. Leave the pulp mixture on your skin for at least 15 minutes, for best results

6. Sugar scrub! – Don’t have money to buy expensive scrubbers or exfoliating creams for your face and skin? No problem. Just take half a cup of sugar with you when you go to the shower and use the sugar to gently exfoliate your face and skin. It is extremely cheap and extremely effective as well

7. Eggs as a toning cream! – Toning creams or firming creams can cost a fortune when you buy the big brand name skin care products. You can get similar kind of results with eggs that cost just a few pennies each. Just be careful to separate the egg whites and use the whites to coat your skin for about 10 minutes. It provides a fantastic toning effect. Rinse and apply moisturizer for best results

8. Use products sparingly! – The biggest mistake that people make with expensive beauty products is that they use too much. Whether it is shampoo, moisturizers, exfoliating cream or cleanser or whatever, use only the bare minimum. A dime sized squirt of shampoo is enough for hair care and you will just be wasting your money if you use a lot of a particular beauty product at one time

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