Best 2024 Cream Blush

A great cream blush can give your cheeks a dash of life and make your makeup look very natural. However, it is important that you know how to wear a cream blush as improper application can look very artificial, actually making you look like you have worn a ton of makeup.

We have given you some brief pointers on how to apply cream blush and we have also reviewed three of the best cream blush products that you can buy in the market today.

Best cream blush products

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

Maybelline Dream Mousse BlushThis excellent cream blush comes in 4 different shades, them being peach, pink, rose and plum. It will provide you with a luminous shade that is also extremely easy to blend into your skin, providing you with a very natural look.Use quick, feathery strokes to apply this light textured blush on your cheekbones, working your way to your temple.

Many users of this product have commended it for the ease with which it blends into the skin. You can also layer this blush in to provide an even more blended in look.

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Philosophy Supernatural Lit from Within Cream Blush

Philosophy Supernatural Lit from Within Cream BlushPhilosophy has come out with this excellent product that uses a creamy mineral base for a blush. It leaves you with a sheer that looks very natural on your cheeks. They have come out with three colors for this blush, with the shades being “Bare your soul”, “Feel warm all over” and “Look on the bright side”.

The product has moisturizing properties that will leave you with a blush that is both cosmetically efficient as well as helpful in protecting and nourishing your skin.

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CoverGirl Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush

CoverGirl Simply Ageless Sculpting BlushCoverGirl offers this blush in lush berry, plush peach, rich cinnamon and royal plum. The bold shades are particularly effective in glamorizing strong cheekbones, if you have them.

The product is extremely simple to apply and goes on with just a few pats of your fingers.

The formula they have used will not clog your pores on the inside, unlike some other blushes that will do exactly that.

This blush can have a dramatic age defying effect on some women as it really highlights the cheekbones, allowing a woman’s skin to look much tauter than it actually is.

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How to apply cream blush?

  • Dab some blush on the fingertips of one of your hands and then rub your fingers together to spread the cream blush. The rubbing of your fingers will generate heat that will sort of melt the blush in your hands
  • After you have rubbed it for a few seconds, use your fingers to apply the cream blush, by starting at the apple of your cheeks, with firm pressure
  • Work your way towards your hairline to make the blush look very natural. Always apply the blush in an upwards movement, with pressure easing out as you go upwards
  • You can also apply cream blush to your eyelids, to give you a slightly flushed and natural look that you might have when you are out in the sun
  • Use a tissue to dab away any excess blush that you might have applied

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