Best Cuticle Clippers

Cuticle clippers are an essential beauty item for both men and women to have. They make it possible to create the perfect manicure at home so that spending money at a salon isn’t necessary.

If you’re looking to do your nails at home more often, then you will need these clippers for yourself! There are actually a lot of different brands that make these, so it’s important to consider the best before buying.

#1. Tweezerman Stainless Cuticle Nipper

These do have a retail price of $22, but you can find them on sale at a lot of retailers. Tweezerman is one of the most popular brands of tweezers out there because the products they make work so well. So, if you’re looking for a product that will last, this is definitely it.

These particular cuticle clippers come in two different sizes. 1/2 jaw and 1/4 jaw are those sizes, so you can choose based on which works best for you.

These are designed to make cutting easy and safe so you can enjoy a smooth cutting action. All you have to do is start out by pushing back your cuticles. After this you can cut the dead skin around the nail, making sure to avoid any healthy skin. You should oil these, as this will increase their life and ensure that they work without hurting you. It’s also important to note that this brand offers free lifetime sharpening, making it an investment that you can use forever.

#2. Revlon Cuticle Nipper

The retail price of this is around $11, but you can easily find it on sale at many drug and grocery stores. This has a full jaw on it so it can cover a larger cuticle area. This will allow you to get your nails cleaned up more quickly than ever!

They also feature a non-slip grip on the hands, which increases safety and decreases the likelihood of you getting hurt. The blades on this nipper are sharp, but they will cut off dead skin quickly and effectively.

It’s also designed with a spring so you won’t have to pull or tug on the dead skin to get rid of it. With a quick squeeze of the nipper you can trim off dead skin and get your nails looking great in no time. If you want something that is affordable and easy to find at most stores, then this Revlon trimmer is for you.

#3. Seki Edge 1/4″ Jaw Flat Slant Cuticle Nipper

These have a steep retail price of $20, but like other products they can be found on sale for much lower prices. These have a nice grip on them so they won’t slide out of their hand and they are contoured to fit comfortably in any size of hand.

The jaw on these is 1/4″ and the tip is slanted to make it easy to reach small areas. These are worth the price if you’re looking for a product that is going to last you many, many years without needing to be replaced.

These are some of the best cuticle clippers out there, but there are a lot of other choices available. By investing in these you can save a lot of money over time and avoid buying tons of clippers that just don’t work.

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