Best Eye Shadows That You Can Buy 2024

Some women have eyes that have that attractive power to draw a viewer’s attention. Some women on the other hand will have eyes that are never noticed. Such women will be well served by a good eye shadow that can prominently bring out the beauty of one’s eyes.

Choosing an eye shadow product can however be a little tricky. You want something that is a little flashy but not too over the top. We have given you recommendations for the three best eye shadow products that are available in the market today, currently being used by millions across the globe.

Shany Eyeshadow palette 40 color

Priced at just over $10, this Eyeshadow palette gives you excellent value for money. You will get 40 half inch size rounds that will have every popular color under the sun.

You will find skin like tones as well as super bold tones like neon blue and green. After all, you might never know when the mood strikes you to go a little crazy with your Eyeshadow.

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Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

This is a fantastic product if you want to accentuate your eyes with natural looking shadows that are able to cover dark or tired skin above and under the eyes.

What makes this product really special is the fact that is comes with a booklet that shows you the best ways to apply the eye shadow, to produce the best results possible.

This eyeshadow comes to you in three different natural looking shades, the shades being Matte eye, Pearl eye and Glitter eye.

This eyeshadow has been publicly endorsed by many celebrities and women working in the showbiz. It costs over $30 but is well worth it for the excellent results that it can provide.

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Shany Eyeshadow Palette, 120 Color

Shany again makes the list of best eyeshadows with this expansive 120 color palette. Just like the 40 color palette, this palette also uses mineral oil based colors that will last a very long time, without fading or running.

This comes in a two case container that is very carry friendly, in terms of size. If you want to experiment with rare eyeshadow colors like gold, bronzes and several rare shades of popular colors like green or blue, this is the palette you should get.

Ideally, you want to use this product with a Shany eyeshadow brush as it is the most compatible one to apply the mineral oil based eyeshadow.

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Don’t go out with that same old look again. Throw on an attractively colored eyeshadow to make your eyes sparkle. Even friends who have known you for several years will do an instant double take if you choose the right eyeshadow color. Just be courageous and go with a bold color that will add some oomph to your appearance.

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