Best 2024 Eyeliner Brush

Best 2024 Eyeliner BrushNothing can accentuate the eyes of a lady like quality eyeliner. Eyeliner can be applied thinly, thickly and in different colors, to make a woman look absolutely gorgeous or ravishing.

There are eyeliner pens, pencils and of course eyeliner liquids that are applied with an eyeliner brush.

Below, we have briefly reviewed three of the best eyeliner brush products that are retailing in both offline and online stores.

Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Brush

Bare Escentuals Eyeliner BrushThis is the most expensive eyeliner brush out in the market today, with a price tag of about $16. However, there are reasons for the high price tag. This brush has one of the finest tips that you will find in an eyeliner brush.

If you want precision control when you apply eyeliner, this is the product for you. You can use the brush in its dry state to get a smoky eye effect while you can also use it as a wet brush for fine lines and accentuation to very specific spots.

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Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brush Green Bambu Series – Bent Eyeliner

Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brush Green Bambu Series – Bent Eyeliner 708This brush comes in a dashing green color and is 100% eco-friendly, made with handles that use a lovely, soft bamboo material. Even the brushes are certified as vegan brushes that don’t use any animal products.

The head of this very popular eyeliner brush is slightly bent, at an angle that makes eyeliner application really easy. You just won’t have to awkwardly tilt your neck or crane your head in uncomfortable position to use this eyeliner brush.

The bristles are very easy to maintain and can be easily washed with just any good shampoo, before being air dried. This is a particularly good product to buy if you are a fan of very light eyeliner application.

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EcoTools Flat Eyeliner Brush

EcoTools Flat eyeliner brushThis is another very popular eyeliner brush that has an ecological theme to it. 1% of the sales generated from this eyeliner brush are donated to environmental organizations all around the world.

This brush also uses a bamboo handles and cruelty free bristles which don’t use any animal fur. Unlike the Bdellium brush however, this brush has a straight head, with no slanted angles.

Though there is no bent angle to allow for easy application, some women prefer this brush as they like the versatility of the flat brush.

This is an ideal choice if you want an eyeliner that is either medium-thick or very thick. At less than $8, this is a standard item in thousands of makeup kits all around the world.

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