Best Face Primer With SPF Protection 2024

As the name suggests, a face primer is usually a cream that is used like a prime coating on the face, to allow for makeup to go on easier, more evenly and also in such a way that it stays on longer.

There are many face primer products available in the market today. If you are buying one for yourself, we would highly recommend a face primer with SPF, as a face primer cream is one of the first products that you will use on your skin.

Neutrogena healthy skin primer with SPF 15

This product from the famous and ever reliable Neutrogena brand is very popular with women all around the world.

This primer allows a woman to wear makeup without distortion, for a period of almost 8 hours.

A woman can even wear this primer like a basic foundation, without applying any makeup at all. Unlike many other primers, the Neutrogena healthy skin primer does not clog pores.

Suntegrity Skincare – Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen & Primer

With a price tag that is close to $45, it is no surprise that this face primer has a lot to offer.

It uses a very powerful zinc oxide sunscreen that provides great protection from the sun, even if a woman spends a lot of time outdoors.

The moisturizer present in this primer also has anti-aging benefits that are great for the skin.

Despite its high price, it is a very popular product as women love the fact that it allows their makeup to go on easier and stay on longer, while it also nourishes and moisturizes delicate facial skin.

Vital radiance smoothing face primer, with SPF 25

This is a face primer that can be used with all skin types. This primer is a good match for women who have fair skin, with a pinkish or cool tone.

Women can apply this product after applying moisturizer. It makes makeup application incredibly easier, as most makeup products like foundation and blush will go on very smoothly, without the need for intensive blending.

This is an oil free product that comes with a very good SPF 25 level of protection, sun protection that can allow a woman to benefit while both indoors or outdoors.

When using this product, just use a few drops and work the primer in to the face after starting from the center of the face, while moving out towards the edges, in circular motions.


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