Best 2024 Liquid Blush

Liquid BlushA little blush on your cheeks can give you a healthy, non-makeup look that will look very natural, even if you have several layers of makeup on. The key however is to use just enough blush, and use the right kind of blush.

There are two popular types of blush out there. One is liquid blush and the other is powder blush. Liquid blush is easier to apply, once you get a hang of the application process.

Below, we have briefly reviewed three of the best liquid blush products out there in the beauty market.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

Maybelline Dream Mousse BlushThis fantastic product comes in 4 different shades; peach satin, pink frosting, rose petal and soft plum.

Though it technically not a liquid blush, many women consider it to be the best liquid blush out there as the mousse has a patented air soft formula that makes it incredibly easy to apply and blend in, with the most minimal of efforts.

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Benetint liquid blushThis liquid blush, though costing almost $17, is extremely popular with the women out there.

If you are looking for a sexy blush, as opposed to a blush that gives you a warm look, this is the product for you. Women can use just their fingertips to apply this blush.

All it takes is just three drops to get a seriously provocative blush with this product.

Women looking for a darker blush can maybe use more than three drops. Don’t go for this blush if you want a casual look. However, if you want a blush that will complement a great dress or a fancy night out on town, this is the blush for you.

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Tarte Cheek Stain Full Blossom

Tarte Cheek Stain Full BlossomThis is a fantastic blush product for women who are looking for a blush that can nourish, while also lending great color to their cheeks. Tarte Cheek Stain comes in a very bold, reddish, full blossom color.

The liquid is heavily infused with a fruit complex that delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants that repair the skin on the cheeks.

Many women who have used this product as a blush have even gone as far to say that the blush removed some sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines on their cheeks, thanks to the anti-aging properties that the fruit complex formula as. Not surprisingly, this blush is more expensive than your average liquid blush, costing about $30.

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