Best Makeup Bags

Best Makeup BagsMakeup bags can make life a lot easier for anyone who uses cosmetics regularly. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these for yourself or another person, there are a lot of brands that make them. There are also a lot of different sizes, styles and colors available to choose from.

The 3 products listed below are some of the most popular and loved, so they are worth looking at if you’re not sure what to get.

1. City Lights Microfiber Cosmetic Bag

City Lights Microfiber Cosmetic BagThis is a black microfiber bag that is made fun with pink lining and accents. It has a classic style, but is also made to be incredibly functional. The top unzips to several different storage areas that include different compartments and pockets.

These allow you to store everything from powdered foundation to small liquids that you use most often. There are also pullouts that allow you to easily store your brushes in one area.

The expandable trays are easy to remove and make this bag more functional than many others available. If you’re looking for something that will store all of your makeup in one spot; this is it. You can find it online for only around $36, which is well worth the investment.

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2. Ecotools Alicia Train Case

Ecotools Alicia Train CaseThis bag is a great choice if you don’t have a ton of cosmetics to store. It’s a recycled bag made of sustainable materials and has a beautiful rose print on the front. The compartment inside is large and open, which means you can put all of your things inside of it however you would like.

The top of the bag also has a removable clear case that can store smaller items or those that you need to find more easily.

Purchasing this bag will also result in a donation to various environmental organizations, which is something that not many other brands do. The price for this is around $13, but it can be found on sale for less. It’s available online as well as in a variety of different retailers.

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3. Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bagg

Baggallini Complete Cosmetic BaggPriced at only $30, this is a great find for anyone who is on a budget. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including: orange, pink, blue, purple, red and more.

It’s made of nylon, which means it’s easy to clean and looks great. It also has clear pockets on the inside that make it easy to identify just what you need for easy searching. There are also a lot of zippered compartments that will make it easy to store anything that you have without losing it.

If you need organization, then this is a bag that is going to do that for you. There are different sizes of compartments inside and even some on the outside. There is also a soft handle at the top that makes it easy to travel with and easy to put up. This is a bag you can take with you on a flight, but it’s also great to have sitting in your home for added organization.

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