Best 2024 Nail Base Coat

Nail Base CoatA good base nail coat will allow nail polish to go on very evenly. Moreover, a good nail base coat will also allow nail polish to last longer, without peeling or chipping away.

Since the market has hundreds of nail coat products available, it might be a little difficult for you to choose the very best. That is where we can help, with our review of three best nail base coat products.

OPI Soft Shades Nail Lacquer

OPI Soft Shades Nail LacquerThis is by far the most popular nail coat polish available in the market. This product is available in more than 20 different shades, allowing you to choose a base coat that is a 100% match with a nail polish of your choice.

This base coat also happens to be the fastest drying base coat out there, allowing you to complete your manicure sessions in minutes. It is very good at keeping your nails from staining and chipping, even if you use your fingers to clean dishes or prepare food that uses strong color, which can otherwise easily stain your fingernails.

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Creative Nail Design Base Coat Stickey

Creative Nail Design Base Coat StickeyThis is another fantastic base coat that is sticky in nature, allowing you to apply nail polish that will firmly and very evenly adhere to your nails. The coat uses a special soft, 3-base coat formula that is very popular with young girls who wear bold colors.

It can prevent chipping and peeling of the nails. It can also prevent staining. Like the OPI soft shades nail lacquer, this base coat product is also free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.

The product is priced at about $13. The higher price is because you get a fairly large 2.3Oz bottle that will last plenty of manicuring sessions, especially because women can space out their manicures by as many as 7 days, when using this base coat to coat their nails.

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Creative Nail Shellac UV Base Coat

Creative Nail Shellac UV Base CoatThis base coat is very different from the other two base coats in the sense that it uses a patented shellac formula. It takes about 10 minutes to cure and is more of a gel like application as opposed to a polish like application.

It however spreads like polish and provides a solid foundation for nail polish that will not chip or peel very easily.

If you are the kind of girl that likes to go for days without manicuring your nails, this is the perfect base coat for your needs.

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