Best Tinted Moisturizer

Best Tinted MoisturizerTinted moisturizer is a secret weapon for many women. Not only does it moisturize the skin to make it soft and supple, it also gives a bit of color that can cover up many imperfections!

If you want to take advantage of this awesome cosmetic, then it’s important to know which to purchase. There are a lot of choices out there that are made available for all types of women.

1. Jane Cosmetics tinted moisturizer

Jane Cosmetics tinted moisturizerThis is going to cost you around $10, which makes it one of the most affordable tinted moisturizers out there. It has a creamy texture that works well with all skin types. It also gives you a nice tint that works with the undertones of your skin, so it looks natural and beautiful!

If you don’t like to wear a heavy foundation, then this is going to be a great choice. It just needs to be rubbed into the skin to make a difference and a little bit goes a long way.

You can find this at most drug stores, but grocery stores and websites carry it as well. There are a variety of different colors, so match the one you get with your skin tone before purchasing. If you want to look tanned, then go for a darker color than your normal skin tone.

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2. Dermalogica Sheer Tint Redness Relief

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Redness Relief This is going to cost you a lot more than the previous moisturizer, but it’s worth the $39 price tag. This is made for women who have red skin, like that experienced from Rosacea. It covers up the redness so that your beautiful natural skin shines through.

It also has SPF 15 in it, which means it will protect you when out in the sun and moisturize your skin all day long. It can be worn as a foundation or it can be worn underneath your makeup, you get to choose!

If you don’t suffer from Rosacea or you don’t have red skin, then this probably isn’t the right foundation for you. It’s best for those that have redness that won’t seem to go away on its own. You can find this online through a lot of beauty websites, but only a few select stores carry it in person.

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3. Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm This product is great for dry skin in particular. Once this is on your skin it will feel moisturized, but it will not feel greasy. Most women even find that this balm makes their skin look younger in time because it firms up the face in a way that looks natural.

A lot of retailers carry this moisturizing balm, but you can also purchase it online. It comes in a lot of different tints that range from extra light to extra dark. It’s best to match the color of the balm you get to your skin in person, as this will ensure that you get the right color.

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