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Brazilian Blow Dry Review!

, Beauty Treatment Specialist
Beauty Salon, Bedford

So I had my Brazilian Blow Dry

I went along to Russo’s Hairdresser’s, in Bedford, eager to have this life transforming hair treatment. They washed my hair, rough dried it so it was about 80% dry, applied a thin coating of the special Keratin Lotion section by section, dried it a bit more then straightened it, section by section so it was poker straight. All in all, it took just over 2 hours. I was expecting it to take longer, as I have quite long hair, so I was very pleased it didn’t take 4 hours, as I first imagined.

I now can’t wash it, tie it up, get it wet or ruin the sleekness of it at all until Saturday. Even having a shower I think will be a problem as I can’t tie it up out of the way! Not sure how I will cope with this, but I will sacrifice my daily morning hot shower, all in the name of beautiful hair. I also have to use a special salt free shampoo, or the effects will be reversed.

Four days later

Well, I washed my hair and OH MY GOD!!! I am in love!

I LOVE my hair!

I can’t remember a time when it felt so soft and silky! Here’s what happened:

Four days later and my hair felt awful – it was greasy and long overdue for a wash (I wasn’t allowed to wash my hair for 4 days after treatment) and I was very anxious; what if it didn’t work? What if my hair fell out? I was having all sorts of panic attacks. So, I washed my hair, and all felt as normal. Then the miracle happened.

I got the hairdryer and rough dried my hair (with the nozzle of the dryer pointing downwards) and instead of my normal frizz, my hair slowly, slowly starting drying straight and smooth! I couldn’t believe it! My once kinky fringe (I have a cows-lick) dried perfectly straight and my hair was amazing. I could not believe it. Seriously!

I still can’t stop touching my hair; it feels so silky and soft and looks so shiny – I LOVE IT! It is definitely worth the price that it was (£185).

So, I officially love my hair. I want to wash it again, this time drying it upside down, and see how it looks, and I want to dry it in plaits, to see this effect too.  I feel I have all these new options available to me now that my hair is so silky soft. I cannot stress enough how much I love my hair (without sounding like a crazy woman!).

My ONLY grumble was having to wait four days before I could wash it. However, it seems there is a new generation of Brazilian Keratin Treatments now on the market that promise the same results, but you can wash your hair same day. Now THAT is perfect!

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