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It’s amazing what you can find on the net. Today I was astounded to discover that Bridal Diapers actually exist!

Now I know there are many Bridezilla’s out there, and as I am still unmarried I cannot possibly imagine all the worries and fears that go through a bride’s mind on the lead up to her big day, but come on – a Bridal Nappy? What are bridesmaids for if not to help you lift your dress up so you can visit the Ladies Room?

Apparently, many bridal shops are now suggesting that this is a great idea and are retailing them in their shops. What are they selling? Overpriced Pampers? Is this really true, or is it an urban legend? As a Bride, would a pair of Huggies have saved your day? Would Brides-to-Be really contemplate wearing a nappy on their big day?

Check out the Bridal forums, Brides all over the world are discussing the moral issues of wearing a nappy on your Wedding Day, and if you use it, the feeling of wearing this wet nappy all day, just to save a trip to the toilet. I think, if and when my Big Day comes, I’ll be giving the nappy a miss…

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