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Dressing for large men: How to get it right at a summer wedding!

Summer is traditionally wedding season, and if you’ve just dusted off your old suit only to find it’s not suitable to see the clear light of day – never mind be worn to a series of engagements – it may well be time to buy a new suit. If you are a large or tall man this task can be easier said than done, as finding a suit that fits your proportions in a flattering way can be tricky. Before you buy, read through our tips below to make sure your selection makes you look more James Bond than trussed-up-turkey, and be sure to check out large menswear by High&Mighty UK.

1) When buying your shirt always shop with your full body shape in mind. If you have a broad chest and smaller stomach you can end up looking like you are wearing a lampshade if you buy the wrong style. Always buy with your full body shape in mind, which means if you do have a more triangular-shaped body you should buy a fitted shirt that tapers at the waist.

2) Consider both colour and fabric when choosing the material of your suit. Materials that crumple easily can draw the eye to problem areas, so stay clear of easy-to-crease fabrics. Colour-wise you can play it safe with darker shades such as navy and charcoal if you are looking for a slimming effect. Be wary of wearing monochrome if possible though; wearing contrasting fabrics together will always emphasis where the two colours meet. This can be particularly unflattering if you have a rounded stomach. Also be aware that although a thin pinstripe can be slimming on larger men the print will exaggerate height.

Take time to select the right suit cut. Use features wisely to help balance out your proportions and employ a little common sense. If you are tall and broad never choose a jacket with big shoulder pads as it will add even more bulk. To mask top-heaviness look out for single-vented and single-breasted jackets as these will avoid placing focus on potentially rounded areas like tums. If you are tall, choose a jacket with fewer buttons to shorten your body. Or, if your height is due to the length of your legs, opt for a longer length jacket which will finish at a lower point, thus shortening your limbs.


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