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It is typical for females to store more fat on their lower body than it is for men. This is due to women producing more estrogen than men. This makes them more susceptible to the typical ‘pear’ shape physique in comparison to the general ‘apple’ shape that is more common in men.

When it comes down to you toning your lower body you have to approach it from two angles. If a hormonal imbalance is causing you to store a higher proportion of fat it obviously stands to reason that you should address this to lose fat quicker. This process would result in your legs looking more defined and shapelier than they were before. This would put you ahead of the game as the typical approach is to lose fat all over. Although this is a sensible idea it is possible that you would lean down but still carry extra on your legs, bum and hips. This would essentially result in you looking the same as you did before but on a smaller scale i.e., same shape but with the same wobbly bits!

Losing fat from the legs would help you gain definition as they slim down. From the other side of the spectrum you would use resistance training to work the muscles as they become more visible.

The most effective exercises for working your lower body will be those that will deliver the highest hormonal impact, after all changing your body composition is all down to hormones, not just a mathematical equation like calories in versus calories out.

So, what exercises deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’? Essentially those that involve the highest number of muscle groups, here is a list that you could choose freely from including the main muscle groups they work.

More quad dominant (front of the thighs) exercises;

–          Step ups

–          Front squats

–          Split squats

–          Lunges

More hip dominant (back of the legs and bum) exercises;

–          Leg curls

–          Back extensions

–          Glute-ham raises

–          Deadlift

–          Good mornings

All of the above exercises are effective choices for changing the way you look and they are those that are used in my practice when clients want the fastest results possible. Variations of each of these are available to add variety to your training if you are doing some of them already.

I would recommend trying to keep an equal ratio between each group of exercises to maintain a balanced physique. Go ahead, add them to your training and yield the results!


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