Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks For 2024

Eyeshadow Tips and TricksIt is amazing how you can play around with the use of eyeshadows to come up with a stunning and refreshingly new look for yourself.

If you have stuck to just one eyeshadow routine, you sure have missed out on the flexibility that eyeshadow can offer you in switching up the look of your eyes.

Below, you will find some great eyeshadow tips & tricks that will allow you to transform yourself in many different ways.

While they might all not work for you, we are sure that you will be able to whip up at least a couple of new looks for yourself, by reading through the set of tips mentioned below.

Using eyeshadow – Tips & Tricks

Base, lid and then highlight

You could have a different makeup session just by correcting the order in which you apply eyeshadow. To start off, use a light color to apply the base eyeshadow color. Once that is done, use a slightly darker color to apply eyeshadow on the lids. Then, use a dark highlighter on the crease to make your eyes really pop.

Applying the eyeshadow in this order will allow you to get the most blended in look which is what can make or break the eyes.

Choosing the right eyeshadow color for your eyes

The role of an eyeshadow is to really make the eyes pop. There are two ways to do it. One is to use an eyeshadow that complements the color of your eyes by bringing it out and the other is to use a contrasting eyeshadow to make your eyes stand out.

Using the suggestions above, one could try blue eyeshadow if they have really blue eyes while one can also bold gold shades to bring out the blue on another day. They will both work. Try to experiment with bold colors as they can do wonders to your look. Sticking to traditional eyeshadow colors can severely limit the flexibility of an eyeshadow.

Brighten your eyes with white eyeshadow

Now, you might think “white eye shadow, yikes!” Actually, just a small splash of white eyeshadow on the tear duct will make your eyes look so much bigger. The key is to apply just a hint of the white eye shadow, maybe about 1/4th of an inch on either eyelid, from the start of the tear duct. This might be a particularly useful tip for women with rather small eyes or eyes that are closed up.

Eyeshadow and lipstick don’t go well together

One cardinal sin that many women commit while wearing eyeshadow is when they wear heavy lipstick to go along with the heavy eye. Majority of the time, this is a look that will just not flatter. You are better off by just assuming that this combination will not work, at all.

Use a primer before you use eyeshadow

When you wear eyeshadow without a primer, it can begin to run and wear off after a few hours, giving you a distressed look that will have you running towards the restroom in a crowded public place. You can easily avoid this problem by using a primer before you apply your eyeshadow. Good primers like the Urban Decay Primer Potion will allow your eyeshadow to last through your entire night out.

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