Victoria Jackson, Celebrity Columnist

Company magazine releases a bi-annual sister magazine focusing on the high street, street style and getting that designer look on a purse friendly budget, something us girls are more than happy to do!

As a regular reader of Company already I’m super excited for this magazine, which is almost like a high street version of ELLE Collections, a seasonal magazine culminating in pages full of dream outfits and up and coming designers. Expect the same from Company High Street Edit.

Company editor Victoria White describes High-Street Edit as a title for women who love high fashion, but find themselves stuck between weeklies and designer-only fashion magazines.

The magazine features news and reviews from the fashion industry, the hottest collections, on-line fashion and designer collaborations for a style savvy shopper. What’s better than a seasonal approach to the fashion on your own doorstep?

Shopping takes up most of my weekend, whether that be online or trudging through the shops, alongside writing and photographing the latest street style and all though its always a great past time, money permitting of course, a magazine showing me what’s up and coming and different styling ideas wouldn’t go a miss and Company have come up trumps with this little stand alone creation, priced at £3.99.


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