How to Apply Eyeliner ?

How to Apply EyelinerEye liners can make your eyes look like a million bucks.

However, they can be quite tricky to apply, especially for women who are trying it out for the first time.

There is also a lot of confusion about what type of eye liner to use.

We will hopefully clear up some of those doubts for you, in the sections below.

Using an eye liner pencil

This is the most common type of eye liner that is sold in the market today. When shopping for these, choose the pricier eyeliners that use a very creamy tip. Such liners won’t pull on your skin and will be very easy and safe to apply.

To apply on the top eye lashes, start from the middle and work your way out, with really short and brisk strokes. If you want a wing, do it at the end and with one quick and firm flick of the wrist. The application on the bottom of the eye is a little bit trickier. You will have to be a lot more careful to not irritate the eyes.

Work your way from the outside to the inside when you do the bottom half of your eye. You can go all the way to the tear duct. Try to keep your eyes open when you apply eye liner so it has a few seconds to dry.

If you bat your eyes, the creaminess of the eye liner pencils could flow down, as water wells up in your eye. Even when that happens, you can cover it up with just a little bit of eye shadow just below the runny area.

Eye liner gels

Eye liner gels are super easy to apply. They come in little pots that contain gel. You could use an old pencil eye liner or a specially made eye liner brush to apply these gels that will glide on very easily. It might take a little bit of practice to get the applications right the first time although most women catch on quite quickly.

You should preferably use an eye liner brush that has a slanted angle that will make for convenient applications. Since gel eye liner gels tend to go on stronger than eye liner pencils, be careful about how much you want to apply.

If you have fairly small eyes, go halfway as anything more will tend to close your eyes up. If you have large eyes, you could go all the way to the tear duct and still have eyes that look very large and attractive.

Liquid eye liners

Liquid eye liners give you the most dramatic results as they go on very strongly. When you use these, they dry very quickly and will require an eye liner remover to take off. Stick with pencil and gel eye liners until you get the hang of general eye liner application and then move on to liquid eye liners if you want a really defined set of eyes.

You will need to use the same short stroke technique for liquid eye liners as well, working your way from the inside to the outside. Please don’t use liquid eye liners on your bottom lashes as it can make your eyes look very heavy and baggy.

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