How to Apply Mascara

Mascara, when applied well, can provide you with stunningly gorgeous eyes that can be the highlight of your appearance.

The important thing to understand about mascara is that it will have to be applied well. If you haven’t experimented a lot with mascara, you will find that there is a short to medium learning curve involved.

While one will eventually have at least a few trial and error sessions to get their mascara applications right, the following tips and tricks should cut down on the experimenting that you will have to do.

Applying mascara – Tips and Tricks

Adding just a little extra mascara to lengthen your lashes

Here’s a fantastic tip that will allow you to lengthen your eyelashes, even if they are not very long. After you have applied mascara, let the first application dry. Once it has dried, take another layer of mascara in the applicator and sort of bat your eyes in such a way that the applicator lightly touches the tip of the eyelashes. You will immediately see a lengthening effect when you do this.

Don’t let your mascara run

The most common problem with mascara application is that it will begin to run at some point of time. Mascara that runs will provide you with a very distressed look and it is something that you can avoid with the following tips.

Use a high quality setting powder that will disallow products like concealer and eye creams from making your mascara run. Such setting powders will also be very useful when you are using creamy facial lotions that will eventually come in contact with the eyelashes. Whatever you do, don’t use talc as a setting powder as talc and mascara are like sworn enemies that just don’t get along with each other.

Blue mascara!

Believe it or not, blue mascara really makes a difference in bringing out your eyes. What it does is that it really makes the white of your eyes pop. Though you will find it difficult to actually spot the differences between the shades of the blue mascara against the traditional black color of mascara, blue somehow manages to make the white of your eyes whiter. The brightening appeal of the whites of your eyes will in turn make your eyes really pop, whether they are green, blue or brown.

Using mascara to make your eyelashes look fatter

Thick eyelashes can make some eyes look absolutely gorgeous. If you think that you can benefit from such a look, apply your first coat of mascara and then apply some translucent powder that is made for the eyelashes, while the mascara is still a little bit wet. You however have to be very careful about how much powder you apply as applying too much can make you look like you have just smeared the mascara onto your lashes.

Avoid blinking after you have applied mascara

Many women will bat their eyes as soon as they have applied their mascara. This will however create tiny little specs on the upper eye lid, as the freshly coated eyelashes touch against it. This can be easily solved by simply keeping your eyes closed for about 30 seconds, to let the mascara dry after you have applied it.

Short Tutorial on How to Apply Mascara

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