How to Choose the Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone ?

How to Choose the Best Hair Colors for Your Skin ToneChanging your hair color can give you a new lease on life. People who take your appearance for granted will do a double take to check out your new hair style and color.

It is however important that you choose the right hair color that will match with your skin tone.

Picking the wrong color will bring you the type of attention that you don’t want.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best hair color for your individual and unique skin tone.

What is your skin type?

Before you start researching the hair colors that will be compatible with your particular skin tone, you will first need to identify your skin tone. In the beauty market, skin tones are usually classified as one of two types. One is a cool skin tone and the other is a warm skin tone.

Hair color that is ideal for cool skin tones

One is said to have cool skin when they have a very fair, glowing or radiating complexion. The best hair color for such a complexion or a skin tone is a hair color that will also be classified as a cool color. Such colors are blonde or ash. The ideal color will be a slight variation of one’s natural hair color.

Changing your hair color does not necessarily mean that you have to go from blonde to brunette. A dramatic change can be provided by just going from blonde hair to dirty blonde hair, with carefully chosen highlights that will accentuate the change that you have made.

If you have a cool skin tone, avoid hair colors like red or colors that use honey and brown as undertones. You want to pick colors that use pink as the undertone. Red is also a no-no for women with cool skin tones. Safer choices would be hair color that use a mahogany or even a burgundy color.

Hair color that is ideal for warm skin tones

If you have a slightly dusky complexion, you are said to have a warm skin tone. The best hair color for women with a warm skin tone is colors that use golden or even peach as undertones. Dramatic color choices like a strawberry blonde, red hair and even honey highlighted colors can be good choices.

Many women with warm skin tones are often tempted to try out light hair color shades like blonde. However, this rarely works out as a very light shade like blonde or ash will make the complexion look dull. After all, you want your hair to complement your face, your main beauty asset, not the other way around.

Letting the stylist decide for you

If you are completely clueless about how to switch up your hair color, we would highly recommend that you seek advice from a professional hair stylist. They usually have years of experience in the trade and will know which hair color will best suit your skin tone. Sometimes, they might recommend a particular hair color after matching it up with your hairstyle as well.

Some colors won’t gel with certain hairstyles, even if they are generally compatible with your skin tone. Letting a stylist do the choosing for you can be a pretty good decision in situations like that.

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