How to Do a French Manicure

How to Do a French ManicureA French manicure is like the Rolls Royce of all manicures. Though expensive spas can charge you quite a bit to give you a French manicure, you must know that you can do it to yourself, at home.

While you may not feel pampered without someone doing the manicure for you, you will definitely be able to reap the benefits of this special manicure.

Below, you will find information on how to do a French manicure.

What you will need?

Get these things in order before you begin your manicure session. You will need a paper towel, a nail varnish remover and a brush. You will also need three coats of nail polish; top coat, base coat and white polish.

Applying the base coat

The base coat is to prevent discoloration with time. Use the brush to dip into the base coat and use a couple of quick brush strokes to only coat the end of your fingernails. There is no need to coat the entire fingernail, just the 40% towards the end of the nail.

Applying the white coat

Once the base coat is dry, you want to apply a layer of white nail polish, again only covering the 40% of the nail towards the end. Don’t worry if the coat doesn’t look perfect the first time as you will have to apply white polish twice in a French manicure, at least when you do it the right way. The real styling comes in the next step. A double coat will really make the white pop in the nails.

Using nail varnish remover to tidy up

Remember we said that you don’t have to be super careful about how you apply the white coat? Why? It is because you can use nail varnish remover to style and shape your white coats. When using the nail varnish remover, shape the white polish in such a way that is curves out ever so slightly. That is the way a traditional French manicure would style the nails.

When using the nail varnish remover, you want to do a couple of rounds. Each time you finish a nail, dip the brush in a clean area of the paper towel to remove any white polish that might be stuck to the brush, before dipping it again in nail polish remover. Using the nail varnish remover to style is probably the most important step in a French manicure.

Applying base coat

This time, you are going to use the base coat to apply to the nail area that isn’t coated with white polish. Take care not to touch the white polish and also don’t alter the curving that you might have done in the previous steps.

Finish off with the top coat

Lastly, you will want to use the top coat again. This time, you can coat the entire nail, including the part covered by white polish. It is also important that you apply the top coat to the edge of your nail in this step, to prevent the manicure from slowly cracking away at the edges.

To maintain this perfect looking French manicure, you can always apply a layer of top coat, every two or three days or as necessary.

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