How to Fake Perfect Skin?

How to Fake Perfect Skin?These days, it is almost impossible to have perfect skin. Why? Pollution, a depleting ozone layer and a generally non-skin friendly diet means that only a handful of people out of a million actually have skin that can be described as perfect and flawless.

As for the rest of us, thankfully, there are ways in which perfect skin can be faked.This article will give you a few good tips on how to fake perfect skin.

Using a high quality primer

Shop around for a high quality primer that will also serve as a moisturizer and sunscreen. A primer, as the name suggests, is just that, a cream that will smoothen out imperfections such as large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Sometimes, just by applying a great primer product, a woman can take off a bunch of years from her age.

Using the right color for your foundation

Once the unevenness of your skin has been corrected with the help of a primer, you will need to work on color imperfections. This is where a foundation will help. The crucial element to making a foundation work is to pick a color that will best suit your complexion. Now, another crucial factor that will make your primer work is the area of skin where you will test it. Don’t apply it on your cheeks to see if the color matches. A much better choice would be the skin on the side of your nose. Trust us when we say that it is the best spot to check for color compatibility. Apply a little there and spread it around to see how it looks.

When choosing a foundation color, it is always a good idea to err on a darker shade as opposed to a lighter shade. If you have a complexion that is in between two foundation shades, go with the darker one as a lighter one will not even out all the imperfections and discolorations.

Choose liquid based makeup products over powder based products

One tip that is overlooked by several women is that liquid makeup products are much more effective than powder based ones, when you are trying to get that flawless look in your skin. Though liquid make up products usually cost more than powder based products, the results they can provide make them well worth it.

Using the right concealer

Some dark spots, liver spots or brown spots will require a concealer. If you are using a concealer under your eyes, where skin usually needs the most amount of concealment, use a hydrating concealer. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and it needs a hydrating cream that will also not sink into the fine wrinkles that are found around the eye area.

For sun spots, dark spots or liver spots elsewhere on your face, please use a stick concealer, even if it doesn’t have a hydrating formula. Many women make the mistake of applying concealer before foundation and primer although it should be the other way around.

Smooth out your makeup

Lastly, you must always have a high quality makeup brush, with very fine bristles, to lightly brush off the different areas of makeup that you might have applied. It will also eliminate the slight excess makeup that can give away the fact that you are wearing makeup.

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