How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally ?

angelina jolie Full lipsFull lips on a woman make for a sexy pout that will make any man weak at the knees.

One of the reasons why Angelina Jolie is so popular is because of her full, lovely lips that happen to be completely natural.

Most women are however not blessed with full lips.

When a woman wants fuller lips, she could make them plumper of fuller with the help of surgery. Surgery is however not a very viable option for many as it is both risky and expensive.

After all, what if the surgery goes wrong? We assume that you would much rather settle for thin lips than lips that look like they have been massacred by a bungling surgeon’s blade.

That brings us to the question of how to get fuller lips naturally. Below are some methods that could help you out.

Yoga for the mouth

Remember how your parents told you that your face will get stuck in a certain way if you make faces? Well, while that is actually true to a certain extent. Over time, you can use some exercises to make your lips plumper. Here are a few sample exercises. Make sure you are well hydrated when you do these exercises and try not to work other muscles in your body. As an example, don’t wrinkle your forehead when you work on these lip exercises.

Purse your lips and blow some air into your mouth. Move the air around from side to side. This will stimulate blood flow to your lips that will in turn increase collagen production that will make for fuller lips.

You could also try blowing some flying kisses, again and again, about 25 times in a row. These exercises will not produce overnight results although you will begin to notice differences in a few weeks. Please do not over exercise your lips as you will begin to deal with wrinkles around your lips if you work them too much.

Using a lip plumper

There are a select few products called lip plumpers that can make your lips fuller over time. The key is to find the right product. Among all the products available in the market today, we would highly recommend the Idol Lips Lip Plumper, a fantastic product that is very safe to use, unlike other lip plumpers that we came across.

Depending on how quickly you want results with this product, you could use it two or even three times a day. The product has no side effects. The only possible thing that might worry you is a slightly tingly sensation that you will feel when you first apply it. However, even that is quite natural and something that won’t last for more than a few seconds. This plumper also has a moisturizing element that will keep your lips hydrated.

Using makeup to make your lips look fuller

Last but not the least, you can always use makeup products like lip stick, lip gloss and lip liners to accentuate your lips and give the illusion that they are fuller. The right color and gloss level can easily and instantly add on about 30% of fullness to your lips.

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