How to get rid of Dark Circles and Puffiness?

How to get rid of Dark Circles and Puffiness?We all dread that morning when we wake up to see our face affected by puffy eyes and dark circles under the eye. Dark circles and puffy eyes can make you look older and even unhealthy on some occasions. A wide variety of things can cause these problems, with stress and lack of sleep being the most important causes.

Thankfully, a few quick home remedies will allow you to get rid of those dark circles and puffy eyes in a fairly short amount of time, short enough to allow you to head out as usual, without looking like you have had a really rough night.

You will also find some general tips that will allow you to prevent dark circles from affecting you in the first place. These tips are briefly discussed below.

Splash on some cold water

To get rid of most of the puffiness under your eyes, take some really cold water and splash it onto your entire face. Cold water can help in reducing the puffiness by allowing the built up fluid to circulate in your face. You will even find liquid filled face masks that you can keep in the refrigerator, to wear in the morning every day.

Cucumber slices

Almost every woman might have seen a video or a picture with a person relaxing while a couple of cucumber slices lying on their eyes. Cucumber therapy is very popular because it works. Use a couple of fresh cut cucumbers to place them in such a way that they cover the puffy skin around the eyes as well as the dark circles. Lie down in a relaxed atmosphere for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will be amazed at how much damage these little slices can reverse in this short amount of time. You can even do this every day, as a general skin care treatment for the super delicate skin under your eyes.

Tea bags

After cucumber slices, tea bags are another popular home remedy that is used to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Use a couple of tea bags that have been soaked in cool water and place them over your eyes, leaving them for about 10-15 minutes. Tea bags have an ingredient called tannin which does remarkably well in reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Frozen spoon method

Here is another very unique way to combat both puffiness and dark circles. Place a couple of metal spoons in the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes. Take them out and place each one of them over each of your eyes. Leave them on there until the temperature of the spoon increases to a temperature that matches your body temperature. This produces excellent results for some people.

Lifestyle changes

Though the above methods will allow you to get rid of dark circles and puffiness, you are much better off in trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

To prevent dark circles and puffy eyes

  • Start getting enough sleep. You must sleep for at least 7 good hours a day, at the same times every day
  • Reduce your stress levels by avoiding issues that cause you to become stressful. Practice meditation, yoga and other techniques that will allow you to manage stress if you can’t avoid it
  • Make changes to your diet. Eat healthy foods and make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of salt that you consume. A high sodium diet will invariably lead to dark circles and puffiness.
  • Drink enough water, about 2-3 liters a day
  • Quit or at least bring down the amount of cigarettes you smoke or the amount of alcohol that you consume

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