How to Get Rid of Scaly Lips

Scaly lips can be a rather embarrassing problem. When you speak, people will invariably notice how unhealthy your looks look and you might even get a reaction where people subconsciously lick their own lips, in an effort to let you know that your lips are really dried out.

If you have such problems, you must know that scaly lips are a problem that you can fix by taking some simple steps.

Some of these remedies will provide you with instant results while some will require you to make lifestyle changes that will eliminate the problem of scaly lips in the long term.

Eliminating scaly lips immediately

There are a couple of ways in which you can eliminate scaly lips with the help of instant remedies. If you want a really simple remedy, you can use a washcloth that is wet with hot water and then gently scrub your lips, applying pressure that will slowly remove the dead skin cells.

The caveat with this remedy is that you can sometimes apply too much pressure, causing the lips to bleed and present you with a whole set of new different problems. To avoid bleeding, try to be as gentle as you can with the washcloth when you scrub. You could also use a toothbrush if you wish.

If toothbrushes or washcloths are too rough for your lips, we would highly recommend a lip scrub like the lip scrub that is made by Sara Happ. This is an incredibly safe and easy to use lip scrub that you can gently massage into your lips. The exfoliating elements in the lip scrub will very gently but surely remove all the dead skin cells, thereby getting rid of the scales on your lips.

Sara Happ lip scrubs come in great flavors such as vanilla bean, peppermint, green apple, blood orange, crème brulee and even brown sugar. The product is safe enough for you to use twice in a day.

Once you have used the scrub, use a towel to gently wipe out the scrub and apply some lip balm to hydrate the fresh skin on your lips.

You can do this on a regular basis to avoid the scaly lipped look. Below, you will find some pointers that will help you avoid scaly lips for good.

How to avoid scaly lips in the long run?

  • Stay hydrated – One of the reasons why your lips become scaly is because you are dehydrated from the inside. Your skin needs water to nourish itself. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to keep your hydration levels optimal. You know you are dehydrated when your urine has a strong yellow color to it. Healthy urine will be of a very pale yellow color
  • Don’t lick your lips– People with scaly lips will often lick their lips, thinking that it will keep their lips hydrated. However, licking one’s lips has a detrimental effect on the lips, as the saliva will dry out, causing the lips to scale out even more. Use a lip balm instead of licking your lips
  • Eat a diet rich in vegetables – When scaly lips are not caused by dehydration, they could be caused by vitamin deficiencies that can result from the lack of intake of vegetables. Eat more greens along with your meats

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