How to Get Smokey Eyes ?

How to Get Smokey EyesIf there is one look for the eyes that has made it through several decades of fashion circles, it has to be the smokey eye look.

Though it can provide your eyes that look stunning, the look does pose a certain challenge in the sense that it is not the easiest look to come up with in your makeup routines.

Hopefully, the tips that we have suggested below will make things easier for you.

How to get smokey eyes - Step by Step instructions

Prime the eyelids

When you want a smokey eye look that will last through the day, it is imperative that you use a good quality primer on your eyelids. Apply the primer and then allow it to completely dry before you proceed with the following steps.

Applying the eyeliner

Now that your eyelids are prepped and resistant to crease, you can apply the eyeliner. Use a good quality, easily applicable eyeliner on your upper lashes. Be particularly generous with the thickness of the eyeliner when you apply it to the middle part of your eyelashes.

As for colors, it is really up to you. The classic smokey eye look is one that will use black or brown eyeliners. More and more girls are experimenting with really bold colors like purple and even shades of green. If you can pull it off, sure, go with the fun colors. If not, stick to black or brown as they are a very safe bet.

The smokey eye effect is yet to come and you will first have to do some other things before you can bring out that effect.

Smudging your lower lashes

Now, the smokey eye look is not complete unless the lower eyelashes are lined and smudged. Use pencil eyeliner of the same color as the eyeliner that you used for the upper eyelashes and apply it on your lower lashes. Use your fingers to gently smudge the eye liner, without getting anything into your eyes.

This might take a couple of efforts for you to figure out just how much of a smudged look you want. Pencil eyeliners work best for the effect on the lower eye lashes as they are the easiest to smudge.

If you like, you can use additional eyeshadow to get a full smudged effect right under your lower eye lashes.

Contrast the smokey eye with a light base color

With the smokey eye look, you want to make your eyes really pop. While the following step is optional, we would highly recommend it.

Use a very light base color to shadow the skin above your eye lids and work your way all the way to the brow bone. Use eyeshadow that will last for a long time as you don’t want it to run and ruin your smokey eyes.

Finally, creating the smokey eyes

Use a high quality eye shadow brush with a really dark eyeshadow color and begin to blend in the smokey effect, working your way from the lashes and towards the top of your eyelids. You might have to make several attempts to really get that smooth and blended in look. An ear bud often comes in handy to finish off the blending effect.

Mascara to finish off your smokey eye look

Last but not the least; coat your lashes with thick mascara to really pronounce the effect of those smokey eyes.

There you have it, the smokey eyed look.

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