How to Get the No-Makeup Makeup Look?

How to Get the No-Makeup Makeup LookNo woman will want others to know that she is wearing makeup. The main purpose of makeup is to provide skin that looks flawless, untouched, perfect and most of all, natural.

However, the vast majority of women who wear makeup wear it in such a way that it becomes quite obvious that they are wearing makeup.

Having flawless skin that looks natural, even though it has makeup, is a world apart from perfect looking skin that obviously looks like it has been touched upon and coated with a heavy layer of makeup.

How then do you apply makeup without making it look like you have used makeup? You will find some important tips below.

  • To begin with, you will need to cleanse and exfoliate your face. This will give you a great head start to wear makeup without looking like you are wearing makeup
  • Use a good quality makeup primer, in a very small quantity, and dot it along your face before blending it in. Take your time to do this and avoid uneven patches
  • Once the primer is on, use a tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion. A well-chosen tinted moisturizer will be enough to cover little brown spots and other small flaws that you skin might have
  • If your skin has too many flaws that can’t be corrected by a tinted moisturizer alone, you can use a liquid foundation to cover up other flaws. Choose a foundation color that is closest to your natural skin tone. If you can’t find an exact match, please go with something just a little bit darker than you natural complexion color
  • When applying foundation, it is very important that you use a high quality makeup wedge to even out the foundation in curved and hard to reach makeup areas such as the under eye region and the skin around the nose and mouth
  • Use a high quality fluffy brush to finely dust some translucent powder all over your face, to reduce the shine that some foundations can give you. You only want the evenness of a foundation and not the shine that it can provide
  • To touch up your eyes without making them look like they have been worked upon, just use a pair of tweezers to pluck out any bushy hairs. Trim the hair if necessary. If you have a faded brow, you can use some dark colors to fill out the brow with some light strokes. Don’t be too elaborate with the filling as it will begin to look unnatural
  • If you happen to have a light complexion, use brown colored eyeliner to highlight your eyes. If you have skin that is darker, you can use black eyeliner. If you are applying mascara, make sure that you use a tiny comb to remove any clumps or blotchy applications. Heavy mascara or mascara that runs is usually the number one sign that someone is wearing makeup
  • Now that you have completed most of your natural looking makeup, you just have to give some color to your cheeks to imitate a natural flush that you can get, when blood flows to the apple of your cheeks. Use a high quality crème blush to highlight your cheeks just a little. If you are very fair, a light pink color will do well. If you are darker, something close to a mauve color will be better

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