How to Make Eyes Look Bigger ?

How to Make Eyes Look BiggerThe eyes are the most noticed feature in the human body, especially for a woman.

Attraction, attention and love are all initiated by eye contact and a woman with large eyes will definitely have a lot more going on for her than a woman with small, non-descript eyes.

However, even women who have small eyes can make use of a few simple tips that will allow them to appear like they have larger eyes.

Here are those few tips on how to make eyes look bigger :

Curl your eyelashes

You must remember the last time you saw a woman bat her curled eyelashes and you might have thought, “Oh my, what eyes she has”. Well, she might have had the same small or average eyes that you have although the curling effect of the lashes can make eyes look even 50% bigger than what they really are.

The trick is to use a good quality, heated eye lash curler that will keep your lashes curled for the entire day.

Mascara on the lower eyelashes

While the upper eyelash is what women usually try to enhance to make their eyes look bigger, sometimes, mascara on the lower eyelash can also make the eyes look bigger.

This is however something that you will have to try out for yourself, to see if it opens up your eyes or if in fact it closes them up further. If it is the latter, just stick to curling your upper eyelashes.

Don’t know which mascara product to choose ? Check out the Top 3 Mascaras article.

False eyelashes

Some of us gals are just not gifted with long eyelashes that we can use to enhance the size of our eyes. When that is the case, you could consider false eyelashes that you can trim according to the size you want.

All it takes is a pair of sharp scissors. Of course, some of you might not want to wear false eye lashes although we have to tell you that they can have a pronounced effect on the size of your eyes, if you curl the upper lashes.

Maybe you can consider it just for those special occasions where you simply want to wow everyone.

Just a little bit of white eye shadow

This tip will take a bit of guts on your part. If you decide to do it, you can have stunning eyes without doing anything else. Take a little bit of high quality white eye shadow and apply it to the inner corner of your eye, slightly outlining about half an inch of your upper and lower eye lids.

The idea is to keep the shadowing very subtle. When applied property, it can have a dramatic impact on your eyes as the white color will break off suddenly and make your eyes look a lot bigger than they actually are.

This works best when you have applied mascara to your eye lashes, with the black contrasting the white at the corners, and will have even better results when you have curled your eye lashes.

Tame those brows

If you have a brow that is all over the place, you could be restricting the visual appeal of your eyes as attention is drawn to the irregular lines above your eyes.

Tweeze or trim your eyebrows at a salon to immediately see how the focus of attention shifts to your eyes, even though you mightn’t have done anything with the eyes.

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