How to Remove Your Makeup ?

How to Remove Your MakeupMakeup can transform your looks and make you look like a million bucks.

However, at the end of the day, quite literally speaking, makeup is something that will have to come off.

Here are some very important and good tips on how to remove your makeup.

Never fall asleep with makeup left on

Once in a while, you might think “Oh well, I am too tired tonight, I will remove the makeup when I shower tomorrow morning!” Please don’t ever make that mistake. Makeup is not natural and even the most expensive makeup products will eventually clog your pores. When your pores are clogged, the natural quality of your skin will deteriorate.

Moreover, it is when you sleep that your skin naturally rejuvenates itself. If you sleep without removing your makeup, you are essentially stopping this natural process. They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Regardless of how tired you are, take those extra minutes to cleanse your face and rid it of the various makeup layers that you have on.

Don’t use a toner to cleanse your makeup

Many women falsely assume that they will have to use a toner along with their cleanser, to get rid of makeup. This is a myth. In fact, you could be doing more damage with a toner than actually benefitting from it. Toners will often remove the natural oils that your skin needs, leaving it dry.

A mild cleanser is more than sufficient. If you have very oily skin, you could use a toner along with a cleanser every few days but definitely not every day.

Blunder to use baby wipes

Women think that baby wipes must be good for makeup removal if they can be used to wipe a baby clean, even after the baby has had an accident. However, technically, baby wipes are very poor makeup removers, even though they might be safe for use on facial skin.

Though they might get rid of surface level makeup layers, you will be going to bed with clogged pores that will contain a heavy dosage of all your makeup concoctions.

Combating dryness when using makeup removers

Women who have dry skin are often paranoid about makeup removers as they have a tendency to dry out the skin even more. When you have very dry skin, choose makeup cleansers that are specifically meant for skin that is affected by dryness.

There are even some cleansing oils that will not dry out the face, but be very efficient in removing all traces of your makeup.

After using a cleanser on a face with dry skin, always follow it up with a moisturizer that is best applied when the skin is a little damp from the rinsing that would have done. That is the best way to lock moisture in for the rest of the night.

Removing mascara with makeup cleaner

This is a little known secret with women who usually buy unnecessary cleansers just to get rid of their mascara. As long as you are using good quality makeup removers, removing mascara is perfectly safe and also very efficient when you use a makeup remover.

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