How to Soften Your Lips ?

How to Soften Your LipsNothing can be more of a turn off than lips that look scaly, dry or cracked.

Many people will often think that you are quite unhealthy when you have cracked or dry lips.

Fortunately, dry lips are a fairly easy problem to fix.

This article will show you a few pointers that will talk about how to soften your lips.

Home remedies to soften your lips

Simple household items like petroleum jelly or a combination of sugar and honey is often enough to soften your lips. Here is what you will have to do.

If you are using Vaseline, apply a thick coat of Vaseline or a good brand of petroleum jelly onto your lips. If you are using a sugar and honey combination, use one part sugar with two parts honey, to make a small amount of paste and then apply that paste onto the lips.

Then, you will have to use a warm or slightly hot towel to firmly wipe down on your lips. The pressure shouldn’t be too gentle and it shouldn’t be too firm either.

The idea is to exfoliate your lips in such a way that the dead cells come off your lip. You can use the above mentioned procedure a couple of times if you have a particularly difficult problem with dry or chapped lips.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it as your lips can easily bleed if you apply too much pressure. The pressure should be light enough to allow the dead cells to roll of your lip, not tear them out.

After using the exfoliating methods mentioned above, please apply a good lip balm that will add moisture to the lip. Make sure you use a therapeutic lip balm and not a chap stick as they are two different things.

You can repeat this procedure every two days or so if you have a recurring problem with dry lips or cracked lips. To get rid of the cracked lip problem in the long run, please follow some of the tips mentioned below.

How to keep lips soft in the long run?

  • Don’t lick your lips. Licking your lips will actually dry it out and not moisturize it
  • Don’t become addicted to lip balms and moisturizers. You must give your lips a chance to naturally moisturize themselves
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eat a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Dry lips can sometimes be a symptom of vitamin deficiencies, like a deficiency of vitamin B for example. Take vitamin supplements when that is the case
  • Avoid exposing your lips to hot water when you take a shower
  • Use lip balm immediately after exfoliating your lips with the methods that were mentioned before
  • Don’t chew on your lips
  • Avoid lipstick as much as you can as certain brands can dry your lips out, causing them to eventually crack
  • If you are heading into weather that is either very cold or very hot, it might make sense to head out after applying lip balm, as it will protect your lips

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