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Written by, Sarah Gleeson
MAKEUP Contributor

I cant help but mourn the end of summer.  Although the temperatures havent yet started dropping in my neck of the woods, I can feel falls finger tapping me on the shoulder telling me I better get prepared to pack away my warm weather wardrobe.  Thankfully, this year there are a slew of seasonal styles to make the transition just a bit easier.

The whole socks and sandals trend admittedly wasnt one I was immediately drawn to; until I stumbled on JCrews hot pink anklet style that is.  Suddenly I was sold.  The love affair only grew when I saw them pair bright yellow slouch socks with the most delicious sequin skirts.  The fall was fast, and it was hard, and now with much delight, those open toed, high-heeled favorites wont be packed away any time soon.

As much as I love my sandals, my love for effortless sundresses far exceeds it if thats possible.  Theres something about the soft romance of a breezy sundress that can make a girls heart flutter and a boys palms sweat.  Which is why when I set my eyes on the military inspired jackets making their way into my favorite affordable chains, like H&M, I got a bit giddy.  Not only will these jackets pair perfectly with flannel button downs and v-neck tees, but they offer a rugged edge to a favorite summer sundress, creating a look that is pulled together without being a bit up-tight.  My personal definition of bliss.

Along the same lines of those undemanding sundresses, is the maxi dress.  The maxi dress has sky rocketed in popularity thanks in turn to their straightforward style that is as easy as it is chic.  Faced with the desire to keep these long-lengthen wonders present in a transitioning wardrobe without adding much extra bulk or bustle, my attention has been turned to the cropped tee.  Thrown over top it instantly becomes a look that screams no fuss, all cool.  Add in some low-heeled motorcycle boots and it just doesnt get much better.

I can now go into autumn with much less woe knowing that I dont have to say my good-byes just yet to my well-loved summer styles.  And as an added benefit, my wallet will thank me as well!


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