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Introducing ZARA TAYLOR! […make note]

Editor of MAKEUP

Now heres a little treat for you Introducing the new vintage jewellery collections from Zara Taylor, already gracing the bodies of some of our favourite celebs!

Zaras main inspiration comes from childhood memories that we may all find tucked away deep in our hearts, from Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland but these memories have now come to life in the form of fashion! Well, anythings possible as they say!

Recently pictured wearing these creative pieces are the likes of Jessie J, Fearne Cotton and Taylor Swift, but not only that, Vogue even featured the collection in their fashion pages! Now if thats not enough for you to snap up a Zara Taylor design for yourself, then I dont know what is!

At such affordable prices this collection is definitely a winner where we here at are concerned!

Feeling tempted? Shop online now at:

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