Lipstick Tips for Older Women For 2024

Lipstick Tips for Older WomenThere is no rule that says that women aged middle age and up should not wear lipstick. Lip stick can enhance a woman’s appearance at any age.

However, it would be silly to flaunt a glossy red lipstick at age 50 as it will do nothing but leave family members terribly anxious about your sudden urge to look like a glamour doll, at a rather inappropriate age.

Here are a few lipstick tips for older women that you could use to wear your lipstick in a sophisticated fashion that is becoming of your age.

You must also understand that age has an effect on your lips, thinning them out as the years go by. Fine lines and wrinkles also begin to develop on and around the lips and you need lipstick that will blend with such changes that are brought about by aging.

Pink for fair women and brown for darker women

If you are fair and getting old, it is time to move away from those cherry red shades. Go with something that is far more subtle like pink. If you counted in all the pink shades that are available in the market today, you will find at least a couple hundred. Choose one that gives you a classy look rather than one that makes your lip pop.

If you have a medium complexion that is neither dark nor fair, you can use slightly reddish hues of pink.

If you have dark or really dark skin, brown will be the best fit for you. Women with dark skin who want something fun and bold can choose shades like purple and make it work although it will require a certain personality to pull off a shade like purple, especially when you are considered to be an older person.

When can you wear bold lipstick?

If lighter and more blended in lipstick shades are something that you don’t agree with, you could try bolder colors like bright red although it will help only in certain situations. As an example, a bold shade could work well if you wear glasses, as the lip stick will balance out the heaviness of the frame. You can also sport the bold lip gloss type lipstick if you don’t have a lot of makeup on your eyes.

Heavy makeup on the eyes combined with the use of a bold lipstick will generally not be a very attractive combination on an older woman. You will usually have to make a compromise on one of the two, if you want a flattering look.

Hydrate and exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick

As you age, your lips lose some of their ability to shed dead cells on their own. You will have to nudge the exfoliating process along with some manual exfoliation every once in a while.

You can easily do that with just some petroleum jelly and a hot or warm towel to wipe down on your lips. Do it every other night and apply a good quality lip balm before you go to bed.

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