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MAC Haute Naughty Mascara

Professional Makeup Artist

If we were all stuck on a desert island and could take one thing with us, (besides Josh Harnett or maybe Charlie’s chocolate factory) i am pretty sure MASCARA would be up there on our list.

Just one lashing of the beautiful god given black magic and our entire faces are lit up with big sparkling eyes. Mascara really can transform anyone, which is why i am on a mission to find the best Mascara in all of the world. Starting with… MAC HAUTE & NAUGHTY LASH.

Now, as much as i love MAC. I have always felt that their mascaras let them down a little. Although when their new mascara came out a while ago the packaging just made my heart melt. The pink and the Glitter made it hard to say no to.

This mascara has a brush within a brush. Allowing you to apply a small amount which glides on beautifully and gives a fairly natural look although still framing your eyes.

You can either leave it at that. A lovely natural look to pretend you actually have no mascara on at all-and that you woke up this beautiful (we’ve all done it!!) OR you can wait for it to dry and then get the BIG DADDY brush out. The best way to do the second coat without it getting really clumpy is to start at the very root and wiggle your brush from side to side in a zigzag motion.

I felt that Haute a& Naughty lash still came out slightly clumpy using the larger brush-although some people do like a thick and slightly clumped look. If you like a very perfect seemless finish i would recommend using the smaller wand and layer up with that.

By the end of the day my lashes still looked beautiful although i would suggest curling them throughout the day as the curl seems to drop quite quickly.

So there you have it, HAUTE & NAUGHTY LASH BY MAC!


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