MAKEUP PLUG: STARMAN! (as seen on Pineapple Dance Studios) |

MAKEUP PLUG: STARMAN! (as seen on Pineapple Dance Studios)

, Editor & Professional Makeup Artist

STARMAN are the all new electro pop band ready to bring the hottest sounds to your ears. Being followed throughout the popular Pineapple Dance Studios documentary (every Sunday at 6pm on SkyOne and Sky1HD), you will be witness to the rise of the band, fronted by leading man of the Pineapple Dance Studio series Andrew Stone, from the desperate beginnings of stylings, shoots and rehearsals, to the all important performances that could change their lives forever!! The road to success has only just begun for this fivesome of talented guys and I have been lucky enough to work with them recently

Andrew (being your one and only Love to Hate character in the Pineapple documentary), proved to me that you dont get to where you want to be by sitting back in the corner and letting things happen you have to make them happen and in order to do this, you need a vast amount of confidence and a strong determination to take control! So love him or hate him, hes talked about everywhere so the fact that you have opinion at all must mean that he has made an impact! And whether you like it or not, thats no bad thing at all!

I was lucky enough to work with Starman recently, filming a photoshoot to be seen on the Pineapple Dance Studios show in early May.

The band (consisting of Andrew, Craig, Jesus, Luca & Mickey) were amazing and a great bunch to work with! While being assigned to be Andrews personal makeup artist for the day, after already finishing Craigs look, I can honestly say that these guys are going to be huge! Before you know it, youll be throwing some serious shapes to these addictive tunes that you wont be able to get out of your head! Nothing like a good track to get you in the mood for a huge night on the slabs!

With such a diverse feel to the band theres something there for everyone! Of course starting with Andrew, you all know what to expect, an eccentric character with amazing vocal and dancing ability, striving for fame and nothing will get in the way to stop that Craig is the cool, calm and collected soul that plays the keys in such a way that itll make you want to take up piano lessons! Then you have Jesus who is your traditional rock n roller, and draped in black fashion Jesus will only do as he is told when the mood strikes him.. and last but by no means least there is Luca and Mickey. Two hugely talented musicians giving the ultimate finish to Starman.

Although this band are sitting pretty in the Electro Pop genre, they are all amazingly talented creating their own sound as only a true band can. Each with their chosen instrument, you have drums, keys and guitars, mixed in with their personal songwriting skillsall while Andrew blasts you with his vocals.



STARMAN GIG DATES (go to their website as detailed above for booking details):

  • Wednesday 17th March The 229, Great Portland Street, London
  • Friday 26th March The O2, London
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