, Editor & Professional Makeup Artist

So after much anticipation of going to see STARMAN headline at the 229 club, I can categorically say that I was NOT disappointed! After watching a number of other hopeful bands, nothing quite rocked out the 229 like Starman did!

With the night already starting with a great vibe, all thanks to the great venue selection, creating the traditional atmosphere a band should feel when out on stage and the warm up bands that proved their worth, the minute Andrew and the boys hit the spotlight the room lit up with mass amounts of energy! I for one was throwing a few shapes out along with the rest of them!

With need to know VIPs in the crowd, Starman did themselves proud by giving them exactly what they wanted to see a performance that is definitely NOT to be forgotten! Not only were the vocals spot on, but the rest of the band performed with tonnes of energy and spark leaving you absolutely buzzing from the adrenalin pumping around the room!

Starman will be performing on Friday 26th March at the O2 Arena More information coming soon!!

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