Makeup Tips and Tricks That’ll Make you Look Younger

Makeup Tips and Tricks That’ll Make you Look YoungerDo you remember the last time when you might have tried a makeup that might have instantly made you look younger by a few years? All women usually have one or two similar eureka moments when it comes to success with makeup.

Below, you will find a few sure shot tips that will allow you to use makeup products to take off at least a couple of years from your age. Let us get right to them now.

Wear less makeup

Believe it or not, sometimes, the key to looking younger is to actually use less makeup products than you are using now. If you use a primer, foundation and concealer, people are instantly going to work out that you are wearing makeup. Excessive use of makeup has a psychological effect on how people consider your age.

We are not saying that you should throw out all the makeup products. Instead of trying all the products mentioned above, try to go for just a concealer that will fade out the dark spots or sun spots and see how you look. There is a good chance that your natural skin looks a lot younger than skin that is painted with a thick foundation cream or primer cream.

Change the look of your eyes

A few small changes to the makeup around your eye can instantly make you even 5 years younger, if you do it right. The first thing that might help you is an eyelash curler which can make your eyes look brighter and more youthful. Then, there is a mascara and well-chosen eye shadow that can also take off years of your age.

When choosing mascara, try to go for the darkest black that you can get your hands on as it works well with any complexion. Some eyebrow powder to make your eyebrows look fuller will also have a great age reducing effect.

Lipstick with lip liner

One well-kept secret that many women use to take off a few years from their age is to use a subtle lip stick that is applied after the application of a lip stick liner. As women age, the lips tend to fade into a lifeless color, giving away a person’s age. Using a lip liner is important because lipstick can bleed when applied without it.

When choosing a lipstick color, try to choose something that is a little bit glossy. Glossy lips can take off many years from your look and give you a sexy and cute image that might have not been associated with you before, at least in the recent years.

Try a little blush

A little blush on the apple of your cheeks can go a long way in making you look youthful. Ideally, you want to first use a bronzer on your cheeks and then choose a warm color like rose or even a shade of pink that you might like, to give your cheeks just a hint of those naturally warm cheeks that young people have. The important thing is to use blush that is a quite contrasting to your natural skin tone.

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