, Beauty Treatment Specialist

Lava Shell Massage is one of the newest treatments on the Spa Scene at the moment. It’s quite similar to a Hot Stone Massage, but instead of stones, Tiger Striped Clam shells are used instead.  These shells are the first ever  naturally self-heating massage tool, which means not only do they feel so lovely and warm against your skin, but also very eco-friendly (no electric needed to heat up these shells, like you do with heating hot stones).

These shells, typically from the Philippines, have been harvested for food and the shells, which used to be thrown away, are now being recycled as a massage tool for this lovely new massage. The Lava Shells heat when a chemical reaction occurs after mixing algae, minerals, dried sea kelp and salt water. This heat can last for a few hours; perfect timings for a full body massage!

The type of massage you’re likely to experience with Lava Shells, is a nice gentle, soothing and relaxing massage. The different parts of the shell are used for different massage strokes and while in use, the heat from the shells naturally produces Calcium. This Calcium is then transferred to the skin which is known to help firm and regenerate.

These shells feel so smooth and the warmth they generate feels amazing. I can’t wait to try a full blown massage, until then I’ll have to settle with the memories of feeling one in my hand. It’s easy to see just how relaxing this massage will be – I’m looking forward to seeing this new treatment in a salon or spa near me soon!

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