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New Year New Start?

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I have succumbed to the very thing I always say I will never do. Every year I’m asked this question and every year I avoid it, with a shrug of my shoulders and a wave of my hand, I never answer, instead giving some smart alec reply. What is this thing I speak of you ask? Well I’ll tell you.the New Years Resolution!!!!!

Have you ever sat around a dining table on the brink of New Years, surrounded by friends and neighbours, after having consumed one to many sherbets and danced your way through a medley of 80’s tracks, then been asked that question? No?! Must just be me then……..Running! That was my response. For some reason I’ve never been good at thinking on my feet, which is quite ironic considering the answer I gave. Yeah I wanna take up running, anyone fancy joining me? Not only that but I gave a date and time too.

So this leads me to the other unanswered question…..what do you wear whilst running? I’ve never been much of a casual dresser, having never owned a tracksuit, except at school. I even went though a stage, during my teens, when I even refused to wear jeans, will it was the 80’s and the more outlandish the attire the better in those days. With this in mind I ventured trainer shopping the other day. This was a huge eye opener as my idea of trainers is Converse, Converse or Converse. This also brought back a memory. I remember from the ages of six to ten only wearing Dunlop Green Flash trainers, even with a dress, much to my Mothers dismay. Even from a young age I knew what I liked and would not via from my rules, and yes I m still the same.

As for sports wear I really didn’t know were to start and was totally outside my comfort zone. Should I go for the retro inspire look of Adidas Originals, with their tracksuits, zip up jackets and the ‘three stripes’ look, think Glees Coach, Sue Sylvester. But whilst trying to look cool and less middle aged. Or maybe the more futuristic Nike look which seems to be all Lycra, Black or teamed with Fluorescent colours, which, according to them, is ‘designed specifically to handle the high impact of running’. As usual though as well as being a bit of a traditionalist, I’m always after something that’s a bit different too, so was interested to see what Stella Mccartney had designed. Stella has joined forces with Adidas and brought out her own sports clothing range. It’s been critically acclaim, no surprise there and is now into its sixth season. Next to her competitors, in the world of sportswear, Stella Mccartney manages to fuse fashion, creativity and top level technology, so all basis covered when it comes to sportswear.

I think the Stella Mccartney option is looking the front runner at the moment.  But knowing me, I will not rest until I have found the perfect outfit and the perfect trainers. By which time everyone will have got bored of waiting around for me and gone off and trained for the marathon before I’m ready to pound the pavements. Note to self……never make New Years Resolutions!


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