Wimboldon CollectionTommy Bridge, Features Writer

June is the month of British sports, throughout the whole month there are countless places staging some of the finest sporting events in the world – where one goes to watch and one goes to be seen. Queen’s Club tennis, Royal Ascot and of course Wimbledon. And now Wimbledon is upon us.

With British Sporting Chic being a theme central to this summer’s style books. And tennis outfits from yesteryear being the inspiration for many collections from Hermes to Lacoste. This summer, turning up in your best to Wimbledon will certainly be the ‘it’ thing to do.

Since 2006 the Lawn Tennis Association has collaborated with Ralph Lauren to create the Wimbledon collection – which is inspired by British classicism both in cut and colours. Ralph Lauren have taken on the task of designing everything from blazers to cardigans. Uniforms for everyone on court – minus the players – are designed by Ralph Lauren, with the ethos of being symbolic of British Tennis and Sport at its best. As described by David Lauren – the son of the company’s Founder Ralph – as a collection inspired and influenced by “the way that we dreamt Wimbledon looked in the past, but actually never really did” and in truth Wimbledon’s most glamorous days are at present. The past may be symbolic of the great English summer and country houses which symbolised the middle-class mentality around tennis. But in truth, with wide appeal and accessibility – high profile guests, players and commentators. Wimbledon is the most glamorous, international and popular it has ever been.

This summer should be inspired by the likes of Brideshead Revisited, Agatha Christie and any great symbol of a bygone age of summer, sunshine classical elegance.

Look back to April’s edition of Tatler with ‘Sports Day’ spread encapsulating the elegance of a lost epoch – where the country houses and public schools were central to society. Silk Chiffon dresses by Mulberry, gauze-silk dresses by Bottega Veneta, Neoprene dresses by Jil Sander; not forgetting Ralph Lauren’s bountiful supply of chic cable-knit wear and blazers. As well as classic brogues and Converse, and Hermes new tennis-take on the Birkin as features in June’s Vogue. All help to inspire your style this season be it rain or shine – enjoy the summer. Pimms anyone?

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