Natalia Maxwell, Professional Hair Artist

Hair tips for short/ mid hair:

With really short cropped hair I think experimenting with more of a paste like texture wax would work well this summer.

Remember volume is the way forward so use your hair irons and in small sections and create bends in the hair by bending the irons back and forth as you move down each section of hair.

If this seems to tricky, babyliss do these amazing waving tongs which have 3 tongs stuck together, on short hair or even mid length this would give a great effect.

Then simply scrunch some wax into the hair to add volume and texture.

Get the product: LOreal Playball density

Hair tips for Long hair:

‘’Big hair makes the boys stare’’!!

  1. Use a hair dryer and the L’Oreal mousse I reviewed before: LOreal Pro Techni Art Full Volume
  2. Put an orange size amount in your hands and work it through the lengths of your hair right up to the roots,
  3. Comb it all through so the mousse is distributed evenly throughout the hair,
  4. Then simply get a hair dryer,
  5. Put your head up side down and blasted the hair until it’s dry.

It’s quick and easy!! To give that glam and luxurious edge to it, use Velcro rollers (big ones) wrap your hair around them starting at the front of your head downwards, leave for 30mins.

When you gently take them out, put your head upside down again and scrunch the ‘Dust it’ (mattifying powder product from my last article) into the hair.

You will definitely be making the boys stare!!

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