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Revlons just been Bitten!

Alexis Day, Beauty Writer
Professional Makeup Artist

Revlon has launched a collection of 7 Just Bitten Lip Stains to complement their spring/summer makeup launches.

For some reason in the states there are 10 shades available while we get 7. Not sure why that is right now but have put a call into the team just to see. Maybe its just because 3 werent good sellers there?

At £7.99 from either Boots or Superdrug stores across the UK, these little pens contain one end of colour packed with vitamin C for antioxidant protection while the other end is a clear waxy lip balm to prevent drying out of lips.

It’s essentially a felt tip pen for your lips, and thanks to this you get a precise application.

The colour really does stay quite a while, perhaps not all day though, but far better than your standard lip gloss and lip sticks. Next to check out is how to get Jessica Biels luscious lips Wonder if that could be bottled and sold?


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